Product Description-Pyra Light

Product Description – Pyra Light

The Pyra light pad can be safely used as long as you wish. Generally the easiest way is to place it, LED’s pointing up, under your pillow overnight.

Either the Schumann or Delta outputs can used, depending on your preference. Your body will guide you how long to run it, which is as long as you feel comfortable.

You can also place the pad wherever you like on top of your body, LED’s point down. It is not recommended that you lie on the pad, in order to protect the pad itself.

The Pyra Light is a unique combination of pulsed near Infra Red (850nm) and Magnetic Induction.

The frequencies used in the Pyra Light pad system are the original Schumann resonance around 7.8 Hz, and low Delta frequency of 2Hz.

Typically there are two types of devices designed for different effects on the body One class is pulsed infra red, which includes laser diodes as well as LED’s.

The Nasal Light in is a great example of this. The nasal light has had much research done with it in China over the last 10 or more years, showing the benefits after heart attack and stroke.

Nerve regeneration following trauma has been demonstrated as well.

There are a number of magnetic mats available over the last 20 years. The main use of the magnetic mats is for pain relief, and there is plenty of supporting evidence for this.

The magnetic mats are large and heavy. The use copper coils to deliver the magnetic field. They are expensive to produce, and not flexible. The mats may be folded or rolled to pack, but this makes them subject to failure where the folds are.

The effects are subtle, and typically are designed to run for less than 20 minutes. The Pyra Light is a

PYRAMID design – Pulsed Infra Red And Magnetic Induction Device

This creates a unique combination of Yang Chi pulses (near Infra Red) and Yin Chi magnetic induction pulses. Combining yang and yin chi pulsed stimulation harmonizes the subtle fields in the body.

Source energy (dark field energy, cold plasma, the akasha, the dreamtime) is both Yang Chi and Yin Chi. These are the electrical and magnetic aspects for the chi, the chi or dark field energy being the unified field postulated by Einstein and called tachyons by Tesla.

Light is part of the spectrum of electro magnetic waves.

As the Pyra Light includes both electrical and magnetic vibration, it reconnects the water and cells in the body to Source energy in a harmonious way.

The early experiential results with the Pyra Light have been very encouraging. They include improved prostate health, reduced lower back pain, reduced inflammation, regulation of menstrual cycle, and reduced tooth pain, for example.

Water is structured by light, and magnetic memory in polluted water is removed by magnetic fields.

The research by Gerald Pollack on Exclusion Zone Water ( the 4th state of water, which is like a charged gel) showed that light dramatically increased the size of the EZ, which increases the charge in the EZ water.

This EZ charge has been shown to help push red blood cells through capillaries, improving blood flow and therefore cellular detox.

In experiments placing a glass of water on the pad, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that the water becomes structured, tasting significantly fresher and softer.

Because the body is mostly water (75% by volume, but 99% by molecule count) the structuring of water allows the cells to re-hydrate.

Cells absorb water molecules through micro-tubules in the cell membrane.

These only allow structured water to enter the interior of the cell. Therefore the long term use of the Pyra Light helps re-hydrate the inside of each cell.

The Pyra Light can be placed under your pillow overnight, or on top of your body, or on your sides. To protect the pad, if you wish to lie directly on top of it, then place a pillow over the pad. Even a thin pillow will be fine.

There is no limit to the amount of time you can use the Pyra Light in a day. It has a gentle healing feeling for many people, with some more sensitive people feeling the energy activate old injuries located in the body well away from the site of application.

During early trials of the Pyra Light significant results have been seen in clearing a fibromyaglia episode in a few minutes, inducing a late period, clearing thinking, reducing lower back stiffness, reducing number of bathroom visits overnight, clearing pain in cancer and from dental surgery.

Each person reacts to the pulsed stimulation in their own way, which indicates the Pyra Light is enhancing the natural self healing power of the body.

There is a one year warranty for the Pyra Light, providing that the Pyra Light has been used normally. The owner pays for shipping costs to Thailand for repair, and the cost of shipping back to you is covered under the warranty.

The Pyra Light pad was developed by Guy Harriman in early 2017, and the technology has been in evaluation since February 2017. Anecdotal evidence from early users include the pad’s amazing benefits in fibromyalgia, Crohns, excema, poor sleep quality, general anxiety, interrupted sleep due to frequent night time urination, and general stress.

The Pyra Light pad works individually with each person, so experiment for yourself. Sometimes it can take a week or two for an old pattern held in the body to start to shift, especially if it is buried deep in the unconscious mind. So be patient and observe the signals from your body when you use the Pyra Light pad.

There is a one year warranty for the Pyra Light, providing that the Pyra Light has been used normally. The owner pays for shipping costs to Thailand for repair, and the cost of shipping back to you is covered under the warranty.

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