The Neuro light is no longer available to buy.

The Neuro Light is a tool for Total Brain Wellness. It has three interrelated components that can be combined for potent benefits. The Neuro Light Brain Gym and Brain Skills are both housed in the golden pyramid and computer hardware component.

The Nasal Light Brain Food is a separate piece of hardware that completes the trio of Gym, Skills and Food. The Nasal Light unit is available now and we highly recommend you get it with your Neuro Light, together they work to create a complete system for brain wellness.

We recommend you get one Nasal Light per person in your household (as it works by the small light plugs being placed inside your nostrils).

We are adding the $222 Nasal Light to your Neuro Light purchase, but the Nasal Light is optional and you can remove it from your cart if you want to.

The Neuro Light Brain Gym focuses on the critical aspects of Neuroplastic Capacity and can be thought of “brain exercise”. It is all about helping create and maintain brain “connectivity”. The Brain Skills has 80 Function Specific Brain Trainings and is the “learning” aspect of the Neuro Light. These learning experiences are expressions of the “self-organization” ability of our brain. Lastly the Neuro Light Brain Food (as a separate compatible hardware unit) is all about “brain nutrition” and in a remarkably simple, efficient way feeds the brain its favorite food – Light! Without sustained levels of “energy” the Complex Adaptive System we call our brain cannot do all the billions of amazing things it does every second of every day.

We highly recommend you also get the Nasal Light Brain Food product with the Neuro Light.


  • Neuro plasticity
  • Brain skills
  • Enhancing intelligence
  • Enhancing co-ordination
  • Improving memory