Schumann frequencies

Schumann frequencies

Schumann frequencies,

There is increasing awareness in the wellness industry as to the significance of the Schumann frequencies.

For those new to these, they relate to a specific range of organic frequencies found in the cavity between the earth’s crust and the ionosphere. The base frequency is 7.83Hz with the harmonics falling roughly between 5.9Hz and 6.5Hz.

All that has naturally evolved vibrates within this range of frequencies in an exquisite balance of life in harmonic resonance.
When frequencies from the man-made world (wifi, mobile phones, transmission towers etc.) start imposing on this delicate balance, the natural world is subject to a wide range of discordance.

These have an adverse effect on the fine balance of many things including our own energy fields impacting our DNA, immune system and electrical brain signalling.
In the western world, a large majority of people function for a period daily within the left-brain Beta range of logical, analysing, stressing, or anxious frequencies – 12.5 – 30 Hz. Whereas the Schumann range supports the right-brain relaxed and balancing frequencies of the closely aligned Theta 6 -10Hz.
The Ajna Pineal Light has specific settings of Schumann resonance for balance and higher awareness, and The Neuro Light has within its integrated sound files a range of Schumann frequencies for restorative brain signalling.