Ajna Light Overview

Ajna Light Overview

The Attunement Process is a way of rapidly shifting into optimal health and expanded awareness.

It uses bio-electrical energy fields which balance all parts of the etheric body, resulting in optimal health at the level of the physical body.

This re-sets the acid-alkaline balance, eliminates inflammation, rejuvenates the cells, eliminates stress, heals injuries and induces a general sense of relaxed wellbeing.

A second aspect of the Attunement Process is light. Specially programmed frequencies of light are directed to the region of the forehead where the brow chakra receives and transmits them to the neural network.

This has the effect of shifting awareness into an expanded state of alignment to Source. The immediate effect is entry into an experience of heightened consciousness.

Long-term results include the elimination of limiting beliefs, integral balancing of the physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies, balancing of all the chakras and alignment of various parts of the being with the causal body and the core life program.

A third modality is the use of sound through earphones. Isochronic tones entrain the mind to enter the delta and theta brainwave states which correspond to meditation or contemplation.

A facilitator is present to answer questions, discuss the resulting experiences and set the optimal energies for each individual as required.