Ajna Light Experience


A three part journey consisting of:

Balancing the Body & Harmonising the Mind

Healing at the cellular level

Seeking Enlightenment

Each journey usually lasts between 30-40 minutes

We use aura energy photos to validate the power of the Ajna light experience has impacted on your energy field. This comprises four photographs: The first when you arrive followed by subsequent photo’s after each session. See illustrations below:

This allows us to make a comparison of how our energy field has changed during and after our journeys.

* Illustrations:,Ajna Light Experience Workshop-Healing,

Before the first session,Ajna Light Experience Workshop-Healing,

After the first session,Ajna Light Experience Workshop-Healing,

After the second session,Ajna Light Experience Workshop-Healing,

After the third session

Looking at the four Aura/Energy scans above, you can  quite clearly see the differences and how they have changed over the course of the workshop.

 I am not going to explain the differences and what they mean as that is for another momemt

The Ajna light works on the Pineal gland (third eye) thus giving us an opening to the spiritual realms.

Balancing the body and harmonising the mind allows us to go far beyond that were we have ever been before.

Ajna Light Experience Workshop

Balancing the Body & Harmonising the Mind

** The planet Earth rotates on the Schumann resonance (speed) and this is what we use to balance our body and harmonise our mind.


Healing at the cellular level

This is the real interesting bit. It is not a fast fix as most of you who have spent a lifetime trying to do will all too well realise.

The recommended sessions for this is about ten sessions and each workshop contains 3 session. This is why we will be doing regular groups local to the workshop.

After about 5 sessions, we will introduce a vision session as some of you may be more advanced than others. We will be aware of your progress using your feedback and experiences so it is most beneficial for you to record your experiences in your feedback notes. What we are doing , is taking you to a level where you will experience the healing at the cellular level. Yes. Deep penetrating healing all the way down to the root of your issues.

When we deal with that one we can then proceed to the next level.

Seeking Enlightenment

This is everyone’s main objective, the Soul Journey.

There are no shortcuts to this one.

First of all, we have to balance our body and harmonise our mind. Then we get rid of that which is holding us back from pursuing our natural life,s pathway.

Only then can we progress to our true spiritual journey. Maybe you know a better way cos I am all ears on that one.

Ultimately it is up to you and you alone. Forget about teachers as they are only here to show you how its done not do it for you.

Guru’s are much the same and if this is your normal practice then you are not learning from then.  You may not realise this, but they are learning from you much the same as I do.



The music that we  use is either recorded at 432Hz or a selection of specially selected music that interacts with the light settings.


This ultimate aim is our soul journey but that takes time as we have to remove our baggage first so that we can progress with that aim.

Ajna Light Experience Workshop

***Your personal photo’s will be emailed to you. A full explanation of the changes in your auric field can be made available on request….

For a comprehensive analysis….
A small charge of £10 for a comprehensive analysis


For a full interpretation of your Aura scan then contact me at

If the workshop is oversubscribed then we will do an extra one the next day. We will normally follow up with a group so that you can further develop your pathway.

The w/s is not open to anyone with eye problems or epilepsy. Contact me for more details if you would like to know more on those subjects.

Venue TBA non refundable deposit to book your place.

Please bring a plate of veggie food for sharing.

* All photos are copyright and may be used as examples in future publications and your to use for your own private use.

** Schumann resonance

.*** Photos are dispatched on completion of workshop feedback

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