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Pyra Light

Some benefits of the Pyra Light

First Aid, Injuries & Pain Relief using the Pyra Light

When you hear the word “wound”, it might bring to mind a surgical wound, or a non-healing wound like a bedsore or a diabetic ulcer. The fact is, we get little wounds every day. This is where the Pyra Light comes in.

Think of the small cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites, or burns you might encounter on any given summer day.

With bacteria becoming more and more antibiotic resistant, the faster you can close an open wound the less chance you have of a potentially life threatening infection.

Red and infrared light therapy has been shown to close a wound, even non-healing wounds, 200% faster and with less scarring. How?

Red light therapy…

1. Increases circulation and the formation of new capillaries. Increased circulation and the formation of new capillaries means the wounded area receives more of the oxygen and nutrients it needs to initiate and maintain the marvelous healing process.

2. Increases phagocytosis, or the clean up of dead or damaged cells, including dead bacteria, helping in infection control.

3. Increases lymph system activity. This helps to ensure efficient clean up and detoxification of the wounded area without overtaxing the lymph system. Helps in prevention of lymphedema.

4. Stimulates the production of fibroblasts. Fibroblasts synthesizes collagen, elastin, and proteoglycans in the final healing phases.

5. Stimulates the production of collagen, the key protein involved in wound closure.

6. Stimulates tissue granulation, the forming of new connective tissue and tiny blood vessels that form on the surfaces of a wound during the healing process.

7. Causes the release of ATP, or raw cellular energy. This provides energy to the damaged and surrounding cells to do what they were designed to do – heal themselves.

Uses of the Pyra Light:

• bed sores
• burns
• diabetic ulcers
• dermal ulcers
• oral lesions
• surgical wounds
• every day cuts and scrapes
• pressure ulcers
• oral mucositis
• cold sores
• nerve regeneration
• acne
• eczema
• psoriasis
• herpes
• rosacia
• stretch marks

Pain Relief

If your pain is caused by a wound or injury, such as surgery, a sprain, tear or break, first, apply all the benefits of red light therapy listed above, then add the following benefits:

1. Red and Infrared light therapy reduces inflammation.

2. Red and Infrared light therapy blocks or desensitizes the nerves to pain. Some websites may say that only “specific” wavelengths of light do this, such as 980 nm, but the fact is, the whole visible range of red light through near infrared energy (700nm – 1100 nm) all have the same benefits.

The only difference? The longer the wavelength, the deeper it penetrates the body.

If your injury or pain is superficial, red light alone will work fine.

If your injury or pain goes deep, you want to use the combination of red and infrared light or infrared alone for the treatment of conditions like these:

• back pain
• low back pain
• arthritis
• sciatica
• knee pain
• post surgical procedures
• neck pain
• foot pain (plantar fascistis)
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• tendonitis
• fibromyalgia
• sprains, tears or bone breaks

Low infra red laser light irradiation on cultured neural cells: effects on mitochondria and cell viability after oxidative stress.
Giuliani A1, Lorenzini L, Gallamini M, Massella A, Giardino L, Calzà L.
Author information

Since I started using the Pyra light my energy levels have increased dramatically. Runing instead of walking(I am 69) No more getting up in the middle of the night for me either lol.


This is a simple test with water that has sat on the Pyra light for about a minute. Watch the video for yourselves.

Pyra light water test

A comment from the creator of the Pyra light Guy Harriman

Ajna Light – Pyra Light – Guy Harriman Jennie Ho had the same thing as you, Eddie, she got lots of physical energy after using the pad. You can see in the video on

I think what is going on is the mitochondria are working better as the pad structures water inside your cells, so you have more energy available.

Most likely other energetic mechanisms too of course. Now you will be fit and firm 😎 after all the running!

Client feedback from Guy Harriman

Pyra light experiences 3

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Ajna Light

Ajna Light

ajna light,healing,pineal gland,third eye,soul journeys,spiritual tool,addictions,

Guy Harriman with the Ajna light

The Ajna Light was designed for an alternative approach to therapies by Guy Harriman (above)and a thrilling gateway tool for guiding explorations of consciousness. Many of the reported experiences under the light range from relaxing meditation, to something of the extraordinary.

The light uses powerful dynamic neural stimulating brainwave technology to help induce altered states of consciousness which is known to be quick and effective, making the Ajna Light a breakthrough tool for meditation.

The development of the light is based off therapeutic applications within the biofeed back field on the clinical observations of the brain’s electrical activity or state change following a responsive frequency resonances of light & sound stimulus.

“Crazy, I wasn’t expecting much with something so simple as light! But at some moments I felt like I was tunneling through space! The visuals where similar to what I’ve experienced under DMT, lots of colors and fractals.” – Daniel W, 27

“It’s like the light helps you see another aspect of reality.” – James G, 26

“Usually I find it very difficult to meditate, but with the light I was able to shut off my thoughts , thank you!” Maria, 57


Benefits of the Ajna,ajna light,healing,pineal gland,third eye,soul journeys,spiritual tool,addictions,

Those who have experienced the Ajna light have described the following benefits:

  • – Clarity of mind and emotions
  • – Reduce state of anxiety and stress
  • – Intuition development
  • – Better sense of connection with a larger reality
  • – Creativity
  • – Quality sleep has increased
  • – Out of Body & Astral Projection experiences
  • – Healing at the cellular level
  • –A spiritual tool
  • –Reduction of snoring
  • –Addiction removal
  • –Soul journeys

Pineal gland

The Ajna Light works on the Pineal gland which most of you know is the third eye. The Ajna chakra which we use for clairvoyance.

ajna light,healing,pineal gland,third eye,soul journeys,spiritual tool,addictions,Healing

The deep level of healing that we experience with the Ajna Light allows us to go to the root of our physical and emotional issues.

Addictions are something that we are currently working on successfully.

Spiritual tool

Clairvoyance, Meditations, Psychic development and much more in the personal development fields.

Soul journeys,ajna light,healing,pineal gland,third eye,soul journeys,spiritual tool,addictions,

We only achieve this when all our issues are dealt with. We can talk about this journey for ever but if we haven’t cleared our long held issues then don’t bother going there as you are not only wasting your time by my time also.

Why the Ajna Light?

The benefits of meditation are becoming more apparent within scientific studies. Research is showing meditation to improve brain functioning, physically, and psychologically. Along with overall well being and general health. This include many benefits ranging from developing better focus, memory recall, cognitive skills, problem solving and the ability to increase size of the brain’s grey matter. Emotional well being, stress management, and slowing down the aging process the list goes on.

The light is a tool to help train your meditation practice into depths previously unexplored whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced. The light may offer you all the benefits of meditation and with enough sessions under the light your brain can use the reference experiences to develop the intent to reach and stay in these states on your own.

Ajna Light & States of Consciousness,ajna light,healing,pineal gland,third eye,soul journeys,spiritual tool,addictions,

The emitted frequencies from the light can induce a hypnogogia trance ( The boarder between wakefulness and sleep). Once the session is over, the user can quickly come back into normal state, usually (beta, or alpha ). With enough sessions under the light, individuals now have reference experience to help them recall states on their own using just their intentions.

The Ajna Light is also based off the traditional understandings of light & sound practices involving the induction of meditation and altered states of consciousness from the first shamanic drum ceremonies in South Africa to Sun light worshiping in Ancient Egypt.

Brainwaves & Frequencies,ajna light,healing,pineal gland,third eye,soul journeys,spiritual tool,addictions,

In our western society because of our busy lifestyle our brain’s impulses or frequencies are repetitively set to a habitual pattern of the”beta” state which is logic oriented, associated with high thought processing, and fight or flight sympathetic nervous system response. Mode’s of thinking or habitual neural pathways are known to be hard to break when constant repetition has been set which is why meditation is so important.

Learn more about brainwave entertainment and light therapy on our site.

The Ajna Light – Pineal Activation


Light based brainwave entrainment for visionary journeys and spiritual exploration

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